About us

A Few Words About Us


„IТ Circle” is Cluster for development of information technology. We are a non-profit organization whose objective is to facilitate business relations between ICT companies, education entities and the local government. The IТ Circle Cluster helps companies acquire knowledge and expand business contacts.

As an ICT organization, we support the economic development of the region's IT sector companies and enhance the attractiveness of Serbia and the city of Belgrade for employees, investors, local entrepreneurs and students. We do this through direct and intensive contacts with companies, which leads to new business projects.

Our members are active in various sectors of the ICT industry: software, multimedia, telecommunication networks and IT outsourcing, website developing, custom solutions for small and middle companies, internet marketing which creates great opportunities for companies to exchange business contacts and cooperate with one another.

Jointly organized meetings, trainings and conferences gather the most active representatives of the industry and are an opportunity to exchange and create new knowledge.

Legal status: independant legal body - NGO (Copy of the registration certificate)

Activities of the Cluster include:

developing, promoting and coordinating vocational and social activities of members of the Association,
organization and coordination of joint promotion and performance in the market,
organizing exchanges of experience and knowledge in the execution of projects in the field of information and communication technologies,
design and development of new information and communication products and solutions,
cooperation with organizations and associations of information technologies,
developing a program of international cooperation,
collaboration with other similar associations in the country and abroad, as well as all other organizations, institutions, individuals and legal entities that support the work of the Association,
organizing professional seminars and lectures for our members to exchange experiences and information.

What We Offer

Building of social awareness in the area of education, work and further development in the widely understood area of IT and the dynamically developing computer science industry in the region.
Cooperation with academic institutions for the purpose of development of directions of education, research and creation of competences for the needs of the IT market.
Cooperation with the government of different levels in Serbia pertaining to the existing and future potential of the IT industry in the area of creation of the job market, investments and the region’s economic growth.
Active participation of IT  Cluster in terms of consultancy for local governments

in the creation of a strong position of Serbia in the area of ICT, as well as of a partner in realization of public and private projects in the region.