The Association is a non-party , non-government, independent , business- professional , interest and non-profit network of entrepreneurs , professionals , experts and software development companies and of educational and scientific institutions , established for an indefinite period of time to achieve the objectives in the field of information and communication technologies . Because of the common interests of cluster members , companies , individuals , academic and research institutions , the intention of cluster is to significantly improve business through intensive cooperation with other members of the cluster , and to take advantage of better promotion of this field at national and international level . The ultimate goal of the cluster " IT Circle" is to strengthen and modernize the industry of information and communication technologies in Serbia , to facilitate the financing of new development projects , to promote the development of entrepreneurship in this area, to expand business of the Association members and to find new markets for their promotion.

The founders come together to realize this vision , to improve the competitiveness of the cluster members through their mutual relations, and for the recognisition of Sebia's industry of information and communication technologies as a regional leader in the global market .

The founders agree that the objectives of the cluster are :

  • Operational support of the cluster members in the implementation of development projects by assisting in the formulation of projects , finding funding sources , monitoring of project implementation
  • Attracting investment from the private and public sectors , as well as applications for projects to be financed from the European Union and other international and domestic sources
  • Strengthening the external connectivity of the cluster members by encouraging collaboration and creating contacts between the industry of information and communication technology , government and other key organizations in the country and abroad in order to create an environment that favors the industry of information and communication technologies
  • Increased competitiveness, strengthening the spirit of entrepreneurship and contribution to the development of IT sector in Serbia , by providing support to small and medium-sized enterprises , as well as the establishment of business incubators to assist in self-employment
  • Fostering the growth of competitiveness of the cluster members and strengthening the intellectual and material resources of the cluster members
  • Cluster Networking with other identical or similar associations , chambers of commerce , institutions , organizations, institutions , funds , and communities on matters of common interest in the country and abroad
  • Education of Cluster members , associates of the cluster , as well as end-users , through working together , in order to increase the capacity and quality of practical knowledge and skills , in cooperation with scientific and research institutions
  • Timely and rapid exchange of information and experience among members of the cluster , monitoring technological developments at home and abroad of interest to the successful work of its members
  • The development of new technology products and services
  • Participation in the creation of new business climate in Serbia , through initiatives to amend the legislation , proposing the adoption of new and modification of existing regulations and measures that directly and indirectly affect the operation of the cluster members
  • Promoting Serbia in the international public as a relevant and competitive destination for industry information and communication technologies.