Communication and Marketing

Through IT Circle Cluster you can showcase and promote products, services and research, access new markets and build lasting international partnerships.

Through targeted marketing and international cooperation IT Circle Cluster wants to create an international outreach, which means doing business and collaborating with cutting-edge clusters, their members as well as research institutes in the country and abroad.

Being able to promote and expand knowledge about Serbian IT companies is a very important aspect of the clusters work.

Introducing you to relevant people and projects is a cornerstone in IT Circle Cluster’s activities. You get an overview of who-is-who in the Serbian IT sector, invitations to matchmaking events, improved knowledge-sharing and access to sector-specific networks.

The competitiveness of the Serbian IT industry depends on companies' ability to be innovative and productive. Analyses have shown that companies in networks and clusters are more likely to be successful compared to those outside a cluster. The presence of several companies within the same industry in the same place creates a number of spill-over effects, for example in terms of knowledge sharing, the use of research-based knowledge, and access to highly-skilled labour.

Many researchers find it difficult to find the right entry point into companies, as it is often not the technical expert who is the correct person to contact up front. Likewise, it is often difficult for companies to locate the exact expertise they need within larger organisation, such as universities. IT Circle Cluster enjoys a large network, which makes it possible for the cluster to help find the right person in organisations, and as a result benefit the company and the researcher at the same time.