International Forum on Technology Transfer and Economy 17 – 18 May 2016, Warsaw

On 17 - 18 May in Warsaw the largest forum of technology transfer and economy in Europe - Emirates & Europe Economic Forum, will take place. It will be a unique opportunity for business representatives from the European Union and the United Arab Emirates to meet and exchange experiences. Europe is  he world trade power — its economy measured in terms of the goods and services it produces (GDP) is now bigger than the US’s. EU economic policy aims to sustain growth by investing in transport, energy and innovative technologies, as well as to minimise the negative impact of further economic evelopment on the environment.

Therefore, it is necessary, to lay a groundwork for the implementation of investments and investor networking. The Forum will cover a variety of fields, such as: technology transfer, financial products and services, innovative technologies, IT market, energy, waste management, agri-food market, real estate, transportation, tourism, military technologies, medicine, culture and art. Drawing on past economic and business successes, the organisers will determine areas for future investments and cooperation. The Forum will present new projects connecting Europe and the United Arab Emirates. In the high quality business area the attendees will be able to establish international business relations. The meeting of European and the UAE environment will be held not only at the business level – the advantages of art and culture will be presented as well.

The organisers of the Forum are the European Green Technology Alliance (EGTA) and the Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (EEBD). The Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (EEBD) is a unique business organisation developing economic cooperation between Europe and the UAE. The Cluster carries out investments and establishes investor relations. Its members include not only business representatives, but also local government authorities, universities, institutions and consultancies which contribute to the development of its activities. The main tasks that EEBD sets itself are, among others: support in finding business partners and provide direct contact with European and the UAE companies, including those with foreign capital, comprehensive assistance in obtaining EU grants, maximising the benefits associated with business development between the UAE and Europe as well as promotion and protection of interests of member companies ( The European Green Technology Alliance (EGTA) is an international platform for technological and business cooperation, consociating more than 300 companies and institutions from all over Europe. EGTA focuses on transfer of innovative technologies among European countries and provides support through specialised business-related institutions in all European countries, and an international network of partners (

The Emirates & Europe Economic Forum is a response to the current economic and business relations between Europe and the UAE. It’s an effective form of cooperation, which creates a stable framework for building long-term business relations between its partners. It also provides a proven formula and the right tools for trade, investments as well as the promotion and development of innovation. Based on the achievements of the organisers it creates business between the UAE and Europe.

We cordially invite you to attend the Forum!

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