Solutions for innovative projects

Setting the stage for innovative business development

Bridging the private sector, knowledge institutions and public authorities, solutions for innovative projects bring cluster development to a new level and supports an innovative breeding ground for solutions to global IT&Business challenges; ultimately enhancing the competitiveness of Serbian businesses by sharing research and industry knowledge and sustaining technology exchange.

A new market approach

Today's major global challenges arising from urbanization, growing populations and increasing energy consumption cannot be solved using single technologies. Rather a combination of technologies and competencies, like smart grids, smart city solutions and waste disposal systems, is required calling for joint development across industries.

Instead of seeking standard solutions, IT Circle Cluster's approach is to bring companies together to come up with problem-solving solutions in specific demand. Projects always involve local stakeholders to obtain co-creation and viable solutions and are primarily focused on emerging green markets.
Engaging in projects of IT Circle Cluster, companies are presented not only with knowledge, but also get the opportunity to meet customers and enter into cooperation to solve their challenges. Joining forces generates new business opportunities that are hard to accomplish independently.

Innovative and sustainable projects

The Cluster's purpose is to develop and support innovative, inspirational and economically sustainable projects and initiatives that strengthen the competitiveness of Serbian business and industry.