University Business Academy in Novi Sad, consisting of three faculties there was established in 2000. , As a work of the late prof . Dr. Slavko Empress, with a view to the conditions of accelerated reconstruction of our economy , the state and the judiciary , formed top personnel in the field of law and economics , who will be in the course of their training by applying knowledge from all over the world , be able to independently solve complex problems in our economy , and to enable them to those goals and objectives , in our economy and society , which are expected in the future.

Today, the University consists of four faculties: Faculty of Economics and Justice in Novi Sad, Faculty of Economics and Engineering Management in Novi Sad , Pancevo Dental Medicine and Graduate School of Management of SMEs in Belgrade . All the faculties of the University are accredited and degree programs at all three levels of study, undergraduate, master 's and doctoral studies . Time and University Business Academy in Novi Sad met the requirements for accreditation and became the first private university akeditovani .

Faculty of Applied managament, Economics and Finance